Each mask is unique and fussy cut to display best features of each print. *Actual print may vary from mask pictured.


Every mask is made from pre-washed cotton and is machine washable, hand washing or spraying with disinfectant and steam iron also work great and preserve the shape of the mask. A hot iron press is best to keep the shape comfortable.  There is a pass through filter pocket, and nose wire pocket. These masks already pass the ‘mirror fog’ test as is, additional filtration is entirely up to the wearer. The wire will break over time, especially if you fold your mask in half a lot, I use pipe cleaners as the fuzz helps it stay in place.

Elastic cord is comfy and easy to wear around the back of the head, or cut to make two ear loops. The pass-through is extra wide to make it easy to replace or restring with alternatives. I leave the elastic below my hairline, but I recommend you try it on at home and find what works best for you before going out. Remember to take slow and calming deep breaths if wearing a mask gives you anxiety. Remind yourself the air is there. 

Spooky Theme Handmade Cloth Mask