Strange Days...

Did I ever imagine our current reality as anything other than the start of a terrifying Sci-fi novel? No. We find ourselves in some strange days… Everyone is scrambling to figure out what this new reality means for them. How do we survive? Stay safe? Stay afloat? Stay connected.

It is definitely not easy, and if you are struggling YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Everyone is dealing or not dealing in very different ways, stumbling to find a new path. Change is so uncomfortable to begin with, and we have all been forced into so much of it so quickly. Everyone’s situation is so completely unique, but the fact that we have all been thrust into so much change in such a short time is one constant that unite us all.

I have no idea what I am doing right now. My job in the live events industry won’t likely return for some time. I was so close to getting out of debt before I decided to start a business, and now I am no longer sure I will be allowed to operate this summer. I never worried about the money I borrowed to start the business because I felt like there would always be more concerts and theater jobs, and worst case I would have to work harder to pay off the gamble. I felt fortunate to have such a solid fallback, that I could afford to take the risk. Now I am faced with a new reality where that bedrock has crumbled, albeit temporarily, I hope.

I’m having trouble gearing up the motivation to make yoga videos, I miss putting my hands on students and feeling the tension evaporate from their necks. I hate the way I look and sound on videos… But I am trying to push those things aside and just keep on. I have been hiding in my basement crafting away my anxiety. I have sewn masks, clothes, pulled out my felting supplies, staged quarantine fashion shoots in my backyard. I am trying to treat crafting like my new job, because maybe it is? ??? I keep looking at all of the beautiful things still happening around me, and trying to breathe through the moments where the anxiety tries to grab hold. I am so fortunate to live in a beautiful place, where as I sit and type I can hear a hawk screech outside my window, walk down to the stream later and see if the herring are running yet…

It really helps to tune into these things. Someday soon the air will warm around us, New England is slowly waking up from the most curious winter slumber. I cannot stress enough how important your breath is. I don’t think I have to, in light of current events. Please remember that something as simple as counting to 6 on your inhales and exhales will immediately start to soothe your nervous system! Try it now! Just close your eyes and take 3 deep full breaths. And then keep going.

Fashion photo with coordinating mask and outfit.
Quarantine Fashion

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