It's probably not a surprise that a person with a background in theater has incorporated lighting into a SUP Yoga class if you think about it... Paddling at night has always had an appeal to me, laying on my board and looking up at the stars from the middle of a pond is an incredible and humbling experience.

(Where I used to camp up north there was a huge bat population that would come out at twilight and start swooping and racing around the pond like an aerial racetrack. I remember taking a friend out for a twilight paddle without really explaining this beforehand... Luckily she thought it was pretty cool too once she got over a little fear of being dive-bombed! lol.

*this experience is not part of any of my current offerings...)

I do like to craft the whole experience to include the sunset, starting out in the last rays of daylight helps people get comfortable on the boards before it gets dark. As the sun sets, leading into the special mood of twilight, the water gets more calm, and the frogs start their ragged songs.

Underwater lighting adds even more magic. It creates an atmosphere around you, illuminating fish below you, sometimes attracting baby ducks and other curious nightlife.

It's just enough light to provide comfort in the darkness.

It's been a strange and different kind of summer here, and everywhere. I have been so grateful to be able to operate safely this season, and provide an opportunity for outdoor yoga, stress relief, self care, and magical experiences to share with the people you love.

It is an honor to create these situations and have people show up and enjoy them.

To all the kind and wonderful people I have met so far this season, thank you!

And to those that will inevitably tell me in the winter 'I wish I had done that last summer...', what are you waiting for?

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