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Will I get wet?

At NAMASUP cape cod we are committed to using the highest quality equipment to make your experience as enjoyable as possible. Our fleet of boards are wider and thicker than the average all around shaped paddle board, and the deck pad is like a floating yoga mat. They are designed for doing yoga specifically, and we believe they give the best SUP Yoga experience!

While we can't guarantee that you won't fall in, we are confident that the chance is minimized with clear instruction and quality equipment. Standing up on the board is optional, and it is possible to enjoy a SUP Yoga or Nightlight SUP from a comfortable sitting or kneeling position on the board! The important thing is to get outside of your house and your comfort zone and try new experiences. Coast guard approved Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are available on every board.

What do I bring?

All you really need is yourself in bathing or athletic wear, and a sense of adventure!

You may want to bring some water, environmentally safe sunscreen, and bug repellent of your choice. The Instructor will no longer be able to hold your personal items during class, but there are bungee tie downs on every board to store personal items and we do sell dry bags and other accessories in our online store, which can be purchased in advance and picked up at class time. 

What do I wear?

Even though we don't anticipate clients falling in, classes are held in the water, and sometimes boat wake and other splashing may happen. We suggest you wear athletic or swimwear that you are okay with getting wet and will dry quickly.

When in doubt remember the ABC rule- anything but cotton!

We also have neoprene booties and other accessories available in our online store which you can purchase in advance and pick up before class! 

I've never paddle boarded... can I still come?

Our Classes are designed for all-levels and no previous experience in yoga or SUP is required! NAMASUP cape cod is committed to offering a well-rounded experience on the water that is more than just a yoga class. All classes begin with an on-land instruction (SUP 101) to allow our clients to feel comfortable with basic strokes and their equipment before ever getting on the water. 

I've never done yoga... can I still come?

If this was to be your first yoga class, you would not be alone! Our founder discovered SUP Yoga before ever doing yoga in a studio! And has been happy to have several students who had never been to a studio class as well. If you still have concerns about whether this is right for you, feel free to contact us with any other questions! 

Where are you located?

NAMASUP cape cod is a completely mobile "floating yoga studio", which means you can find us all over Massachusetts! Our home base is Harwich, Mass, centrally located on Cape Cod where there are many beautiful freshwater lakes and ponds. Our classes are based at the Cahoon Beach Landing on Long Pond, in Harwich. If wind conditions force us to move class for shelter, we will meet at another close by landing for class. You will be notified of any changes by text or email at least 2 hours prior to class. 

Is there an age limit?

For safety concerns, young children are not allowed, but ages 13 and up may attend with a parent or guardian.  Water-loving yogis of all other ages are always welcome and encouraged to attend! If you want to bring a younger person under 13, please send us an email to check first. We will most likely say yes, but would like to know ahead of time!

Other important things to know:

We constantly monitor weather conditions, and may change the location of the class up to 2 hours prior to class time, to ensure that you have the best experience on the water. All locations will be close by and fresh water to ensure there are no sharks or tides to contend with, and we know many locations to provide shelter from wind conditions. If we need to change the location you will be contacted by email and text with updated information, so please check to be sure you get updated. 


Please show up a few minutes early, especially if you are picking up store merchandise!

If you have been to class before you may set out and paddle for a few extra minutes while I go over SUP 101 on land before class.


It may take a few extra minutes to launch everyone with physical distancing guidelines and boat ramp traffic, we appreciate everyone's patience while we navigate these things. 


We are making every effort to keep paddling and SUP classes a safe and fun activity for as many people as possible. We will be practicing physical distancing whenever possible at the boat ramp areas while entering and exiting the water, including wearing/having accessible masks until launched on the water. 


IF A WATER RESCUE IS NECESSARY THE INSTRUCTOR IS TRAINED AND WILL ABSOLUTELY PERFORM ONE. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to not come to class if you experiencing ANY SYMPTOMS WHATSOEVER. If your instructor has to turn you away because you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID19, a refund will not be issued. 


We will wipe down and sanitize all equipment between clients, and will also provide clients with wipes if you would like to do so yourself. 


We will have a trash bag and take all trash with us when we leave to ensure no litter left behind as a result of our classes. 

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